The Insecurities inside

Not what I had in mind

Sometime ago I was so sure what I wanted in my life. At least I had this clear picture of how wonderful it would/could be. I’m beginning to wonder what the world has waiting for me again. I don’t understand what is happening. 

It’s been 9 months since I’ve got laid off. And all I’ve done is gone to school. School, how frustrating and time consuming it is. I’m struggling and its not helping my confidence.   

The story of Deathly Hallows “Three Brothers”

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Moving on… .

So… I now have the opportunity to finish school, work on my art, get in shape and well do all the things that i was not about to do while i was working. See you in the future working world… I am going to take you by storm when i return!!


¤ don’t get fired
¤ prove to work that you are way much better then they perceive
¤ pay off debt
¤ learn new skills at my work to make me look better when I decide to move on
¤ 5 years that all you are getting from me if I even decide to stay that long
¤ exceed expectations
¤ make my life better
¤ get in shape
¤ finish school in this time frame

That is all for now
I’m done with all the bullshit in the workplace
I’m better, stronger, and smarter



Pokemon Pokecenter Imagined in Modern 3D by Evan Liaw

oh fuck this is good


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strangly enough

I feel i am going through a time warp. I am not me and everything around me is happening senselessly. 

The terrifying sense of insecurity…

So lately things have gotten weird at work. My boss gave me more work and has taken some things away while giving another member of the team mine in a sense. My boss seems to direct all communications to her however still letting me know what’s going on. I’m mad and hurt becaise I never though she would treat me this way. Just push me to the side. I feel she has a new friend that is a snake and I have been outcast. I am trying very hard not be negative, to not give them the satisfaction of their ill notions. I am more then what they think and more resourceful.

I don’t like the feeling of the company at the moment. I don’t like people thinking or told that I am incapable of developing creating and executing any task.

I am so maddddddd!
Ill show them … Grrrr >_

Not present

I have to go back and delete all this stuff! Its not what I wanted for my page initially. Now that I have a normal job like a normal person ill be working on my art and other fun project I have neglected

Where have I been

I know I have not posted anything lately.
I need to start making this a habit! But not reblogginf stuff actually creating unique entries. Well you will be hearing and seeing more of me here!


The Gay Rights Video That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

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